THE OPERATOR of Cobequid Pass Toll Highway

Cobequid Pass at nightAtlantic Highways Management Corporation Limited (AHMCL) is proud to have been the Operator of the Cobequid Pass Toll Plaza since commencement of operations in 1997. The facility handles 8,500 vehicles on average each day. As the Operator, AHMCL’s goal is to provide users of the Cobequid Pass with fast, efficient and professional service.

Collection of tolls is handled by the Corps of Commissionaires who operate the tollbooths 24 hours/365 days a year. The Corps of Commissionaires are not only responsible for the collection of tolls; they are the “uniformed ambassadors” for the company. These men and women are not limited to toll collections but are challenged daily with requests to provide motorists with directions, distances, locations and weather/road reports to name a few. The Commissionaires rise to this challenge. A typical day on the job has, on occasion, included assistance with minor repairs and other advice.

Another major contributor to the operation is the Customer Service Center. The CSC staff is responsible for all aspects of customer service at the Plaza including greeting customers as they enter the building, providing account information, processing new E-Pass customers, and responding to inquiries at the counter or by phone. They have frequently gone well beyond the call of duty of to more varied activities such as warming baby bottles/meals, dispensing bands-aids, car oil, antifreeze and other vehicles supplies. The one statement customer service staff can make at Cobequid Pass is: “it is never boring”.

In addition to meeting our customers’ needs, AHMCL’s administrative responsibilities include collection of tolls, maintenance of the plaza and electronic tolling equipment and submission of financial reports to the Highway 104 -Western Alignment Corporation. These requirements are set out in an Operating Agreement and are subject to an independent annual audit.

The facility provides employment to residents of both Cumberland/Colchester counties as well as utilizing local suppliers of goods and services in its operation trades persons. The result is an annual budget approximately $2,000,000.

After the years and over 16,000,000 vehicles we have experienced many situations and events and especially, many wonderful, appreciative people.

Enjoy your trip through the Cobequid Pass.

Highway 104 Western Alignment Corporation